Residential Services

Residential Services

Level 2 Electrical Services, Switchboard and Meter upgrades, 3 Phase Upgrades, Lighting and Power, Security, Tv, Downlights Energy saving solutions, NBN and Data – we’ve got you covered!

HOUSE REWIRING // You should have your wiring inspected if you are experiencing repeated minor electrical problems, as this is often an indication of outdated components or frayed or incorrectly grounded wiring. The old wire is replaced with modern wiring that is safer, easier to work with and is capable of meeting the demands of your modern appliances.

SWITCH BOARD UPGRADES // Upgrading to a modern switchboard fitted with circuit breakers, safety switches and high voltage diverters will lower the risk of electrical fires and electrocution, as well as increasing capacity for high energy-consuming appliances (e.g. solar panels, spa or pool pump).

SAFETY SWITCHES // Installing a safety switch in your existing switch board is an inexpensive safety measure that protects you and your family from electrocution from faulty wiring, appliances or switches.

SURGE DIVERTERS // Surge diverters are an inexpensive way to protect your electronic devices from voltage surges such as lightening strikes, by either blocking or grounding any voltages above a safe threshold.

ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING UPGRADES // A retrofit energy efficient lighting upgrade will significantly reduce your energy bill and increase the quality of your lighting. LED lights also last over ten times longer than traditional halogen, and do not generate heat so are less likely to start a fire.

SENSOR & SECURITY LIGHTING // Reduce energy bills, increase the security of your home and enjoy the convenience of ‘hands-free’ lighting.

CEILING FANS // Ceiling fans are a cost effective way to cool your home, using substantially less electricity than air conditioning.

SMOKE DETECTORS // NSW legislation requires all NSW residents to have a minimum of one working smoke alarm installed on each level of their home.

BATHROOM HEATING // Keep your bathroom warm in the winter months with the installation heat lamps, under floor heating and heated towel racks.

EXHAUST FANS // Exhaust fans remove moisture and odours ftrom your bathroom, kitchen and laundry, preventing water damage and mould and bacteria build up.

ELECTRIC HOT WATER SYSTEMS // We offer hot water system installations and repairs including thermostat and element repair and solutions for insufficient/no hot water.

POWER POINTS // Installation of new indoor and outdoor power points, and replacement of problematic power points.

TELEVISION // Television services include antenna repair and replacement, installation of television points, and cable management systems for wall mounted televisions.

TELEPHONE & DATA POINTS // Reduce messy cabling and access internet/phone lines anywhere in your house with the installation of additional telephone and data points.

FAULT FINDING AND REPAIRS // We use a systematic approach to determine electrical faults and carry out wiring, circuit and electrical repairs to solve the issue.

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Industrial Services

Regular maintenance through “Out of Hours” work and Energy saving solutions is another way we aim to keep a business competitive. Nu electrical will always find a way keep your business running Efficiently and Competitively.


Commercial Services

With 15 years of experience we can save your business both time and money. Through efficient lighting upgrades and our specialised testing processes we will help prevent breakdowns keeping your business running at its optimum.