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MSR Services


One of our long-standing maintenance clients, MSR Services is a boutique cleaning company that has expanded its horizons from cleaning to project managing multiple sites offering a top-Quality Service to all its clients. 

We have been their lead Electrical and Data specialists for the past 4 years handling a lot of their major clients electrical and Data maintenance requirements. We were able to offer this client “Urgent call out” services and “Out of hours” services along with top-quality workmanship. As with all our clients, we put a strong focus on building reliable relationships with all our clients.

Some of our services for MSR have been: 

- Complete facility overhaul at GME moving entire manufacturing divisions from one part of the site to another in just 3 days. 

- Light seeding and C-Bus automation controls 

- Thermal imaging and Test and Tag services for insurance reporting

- Electrical Consulting and Logistic design around new testing and repair sites

MSR Services have worked closely with us consulting when needed over new clients and their needs ensuring we offer a top-notch quality service.

November 2020
MSR Services
Castle Hill

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